MOOC Petition - The Free MOOCs-based University Petition Calls for the Creation of an Accredited Free MOOCs University Option for ALL

Featured below are some of the recent supporting comments from signatories to the MOOC Petition on Change Org from all over the world and all USA States:

arthur harmon GARLAND, TX

I'm signing because accessible education for all is the key to humanity's success and the path to peace for all mankind.

Believe and it will happen.

Nasrine Kadjar WINTER PARK, FL

I am signing because I think everyone should be given a chance to "learn" in life in order to achieve a better and more successful life. Colleges and Universities are applying prohibitive prices and no one can afford them. As such, the gap between rich and poor continues to increase dramatically while jobs are either exported or the qualified person is imported. This economic gap due to lack of education will alternatively have social consequences.

Steven Sandman BROOKLYN, NY

I believe in an affordable education.

Lezlie Padaken HILO, HI

I believe everyone deserves an education and if it is provided for free access is given to everyone.

K Thompson CHICAGO, IL

I'm signing for equitable opportunity

Olga MacAfee NORWOOD, MA

Better education means better future for the whole human race, period.

Frank Winn JUSTIN, TX

Not only are colleges and universities ripping us off with high prices that increase every year, the quality of education is different for each individual. It is not fair that our society in the U.S. requires a college education to get a descent job. So by giving access to MOOC education will allow all to gain not only an education, but a skill set that can be used to get those better paying jobs. It is education coupled with experience that HR should use to acquire talent, not just because someone has a degree. I have seen more dumb educated people holding jobs than people with common sense that have the experience.


There are too many intelligent but economically challenged people both young and older who's dreams are abandoned because of the financial burden of paying for college. Grants are difficult to get and loans may not be an option. This would reduce the financial burden for these individuals and would be a tangible way to make the playing field for all more even.

Nancy Cera SEATTLE, WA

I am 59 with a BA, and am now a dislocated worker with little assistance. I need an economical way to obtain prerequisites. When I graduated from college, no mTh was required. I have an unfair burden to obtain skills and education. There is a lot of emphasis on STEM educTion for the young, but I am struggling to obtain skills to work until I am 70.


I think Education in America is too EXPENSIVE. Colleges are taking advantage charging for parking, overpriced books, classes taught by T.A.s not professors, and many like University of North Texas have stolen money from TEXAS they own 75 million dollars to state of Texas and they overcharge STUDENTS. They make it hard for students to become in state residents. UNFAIR.


I believe this is a great option. It gives people a chance who have been to college and are now unable to qualify for financial aid another opportunity to further their education.


I love education for all and now that we are lucky enough to have MOOCs, everyone should have access to education!

anthony forgione MACEDON, NY

I think that it would benefit a lot of people who have the potential to earn a free degree without the burden of student loan debt and the impact it puts on our economy! This also allows people to pursue the American Dream and have a job filled with Rewards and Prosperity!

Adam Pinsky CHICAGO, IL

I am learning a new career in computer programming. I have found success with online courses which I wasn't able to achieve during my 4 years in total of traditional higher education. Self-paced online classes and Learning-By-Doing has instilled in me a deeper sense of responsibility for my own education. And, it has required a level of resourcefulness from me that has prepared me for the professional world in a way that a brick-and-mortar school could never.

Cherie Charboneau HURST, TX

I want to enhance my learning experience, but I am middle class and can't afford a formal-university education.

Isaac Akinwale SCHENECTADY, NY

Mooc and other online Education platform curriculum is comparably to the brick and mortal course delivery. Our dear first lady, Mrs. Obama, you're the mother of us all, you're out sister, the conscience of the Masses, help make the recognition of MOOC education cerificate the landmark achievement of our time.

Christina Carpanzano GLEN ELLYN, IL

I believe Access to Education should be an open highway. At 62 years of age, I have completed 4 MOOCS since December. This is a great opportunity to enlighten and educate

Kyle Barber MESQUITE, TX

Because a well-educated and highly skilled populace will benefit society (and the world) in unimaginable ways. Shame on Udacity for welching on their original goals of being a free MOOC site. It's now a bait and switch operation. :( Don't let it happen to the other great free sites and universities willing to provide this world changing service. Donate what you can to the universities who are currently experimenting with MOOCs. At the bare minimum write their administration a thank you letter for taking the risk and having the courage to provide such a wonderful service. Free we just need a free mooc degree opportunity!!!! :)


MOOCS matter!!!!!

Jeanne Archibald SACRAMENTO, CA

It's a good idea................. the cost of education to our young is outrageous and the salaries paid to those who run the Universities are exorbitant. Affordable education is a must if we want to keep up with the rest of the world in the years to come.

Julia Clarke ORTING, WA

I'm signing because I believe that access to education is an inherent human right. By providing free education to anyone, we can improve the condition of society, develop new ideas, advance humanity.

Samantha Nowak CHICAGO, IL

i'm signing because MOOC's has changed and improved my life. I have been able to learn and become educated without being held back by finances.

Paul Walter ASHLAND, OR

I believe humanity in general is better served when education is available to all. It would certainly make a more interesting world.

Free Massive Open Online Courses is the future.

Alexandra Munns HOUSTON, TX

I'm signing because education is a right we should all have. Not only will Americans potentially benefit from this but it has the potential to change people's lives across the globe.

Felicia McCloud HARRISBURG, PA

I have been slowed down and now stopped becuse of finacial aid issues. I have enough credits to have a degree but not enough money! Enough is enough already. Now I am payinmg for a degree that I can not even finish getting.

Suzanne Meyer PRINCETON, MN

Education costs are astronomical and most people can barely afford to feed their children much less send them to college. The Obama's claim they are "for education," then let's make it available to ALL, regardless of affordability. Then provide access for the homeless, along with shelter, food, and clothing. Educate your country so they can care for their children!

Kelli Forthun SELAH, WA

I have 2 daughters with bachelor's degrees and between the 2 of them $170k+ in student loan debt. Ridiculous that even public schools are charging $200/cr for undergrad +housing. Make it possible for those motivated and creative enough to get degrees online via MOOC!

Heather Whittle JOHNSON CITY, TN

With personally having over $30,000 in college loan debt, I think the price of college is ridiculous. Education only improves the world around us and should be free to those who desire to learn.

Christina Clark NASHVILLE, TN

I would love to have access to free higher education courses and be able to obtain an accreddited degree through MOOCs.

virginia adkins ORLANDO, FL

I want to continue my education but can't afford a university with my kids already in college.

Anastacia Zittel DUDLEY, MA

I can't afford a college education, and I love to learn! I've been taking MOOCs for a year, and would love to earn an actual degree for free.

Giselle Hernandez COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

I'm signing this because I believe that education is a human right and, therefore, there should be low-cost remote education options for those who cannot afford to attend college full-time.

Linda Burke ORLANDO, FL


Eboni Williams MEEKER, OK

I'm a minority and I represent setting higher standards of life for my youth and for the female gender as a whole. Education knows no color but humans do!

Evelyn Gonzalez LOS ANGELES, CA

I am a college student and this would be beneficial for me since I am a single mom.


With so many unemployed workers, it's important for them to find an economical way to upgrade their skills.


I Like this idea because I always feared more college loan debts/grants and the years on campus and its complications to get the education and career field interested in. Education is important and I too think its morally wrong to make it a monopoly on those of us who don't come from money or inheritance. Erase the debt, go online free.

Patricia Wood TUCSON, AZ

I am in education and strongly believe that everyone should have access to academic instruction, global access to knowledge, and collaborative dialogue regardless of age, income, or geography.

Jennifer Haygood LIVINGSTON, TX

Education should be free and available to anyone that wants to learn.


I'm signing this petition because my only second year in college, am already in dept for 30 thousand dollars. We need a change. America is better than this.

Jasmine Koster BELLINGHAM, WA

Everyone, regardless of location or financial circumstance, should have equal access to accredited college level education, for free. As a mobile nomad, this matters to me personally as well!

Daniel O'Brien EL CAJON, CA

There needs to be a way for ordinary Americans to "bootstrap" them selves into the current global job market as well as develop new industries for the future expansion of the world market. Affordable education is the key to a future that is not kept subjugated with crushing debt.

Tameka Bradford COVINGTON, GA

This is a way for me to see MLK Jr dream come true. Everyone deserves a chance to reach higher and obtain their dreams.


I believe continued education should be available to anyone who wants to learn, regardless of socio or economic status.

Phillip Montague LAKELAND, FL

College is expensive. Opportunities are out there who are educated, and for those who desire to become educated. It's not fair that those without financial struggles or burdens can become educated. Let those of us who are struggling, working a 9-5 day job, have a chance to take courses in engineering, CS, and Art History (if that is what we choose to take).

frank roquemore PUEBLO, CO

My girlfriend and I were actually on an evening walk a few months ago talking about money and the future (i'm 20 she's 19) and the things we want to do with our lives. We are both musicians, so we constantly look for new ways to inspire ourselves and others and we talk and think a lot about what things we can do that would have the most impact. A free accredited college came up and we started running with the idea of something like a khanacademy but with a degree involved at the end of it all. I still would like to see a free accredited college at a physical building so I am now enrolled in my first college classes to become a petroleum engineer while learning about investing from my very successful uncle so that hopefully i can fund or at least contribute to that goal. I do believe if there were ever a step in the right direction, MOOC is definitely on that path.


We need education reform. It has become a pay to play system. People with the most money get the degree which gets them the job despite in my own experience they are not always the best choice when compared to a non-degree holding applicant. This would begin to help the situation and push to get the right man for the job.


Because we are single person earning family with 2 children to go college and we are yet become permanent resident due to backlash of visa number availability.... as a middle class family this is very important to us and for the country.. please do the needful ASAP...


Education and Training together with Life Long Experience and MOOC unquestionably adds up to some worth that needs to be expressed in an accountable value system, for that reason accreditation is key for MOOC courses to be acknowledged and recognized internationally.


We wil be a better country if many of us are more educated and have access to continuous learning.

maria reynoso HERMOSILLO, MEXICO

give us the opportunity!

Thurston Stone MCKINNEY, TX

Cost of education is ridiculous, where as education, or the dissemination of knowledge and the application of

that knowledge, is a globally enriching process. Capitalizing on it does generate a market, but leads to

those who can afford it are educated, those who can't are not. Changing the equation to be those who have

the desire are educated and those who do not can cause a fundamental shift in making the world a better place.

Let quality education be free.

Thomas Cooper HOUSTON, TX

I believe if free education can be provided to the individuals who can't afford it, it should be. If the U.S.A. can establish a National Accrediate College Online for the poor or anyone who wants to have the life of the American dream, should be able to.

daniel castro CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA

some children do not have support imagine if they could connect to the information they needed and were able to walk themselves in the absence of good parenting. Who shoud benefit from knowledge? our race. we should encourage all that want to know more access to all education. some children learn better in a non pressure zone. not much pressure in knowing you can just hit stop and rewind that though. im currently watching my self and daughter blossom on khan academy .org and I just have to imagine the possibilities if the entire population was just a little smarter every year.

Stephanie Farra NEWTOWN SQUARE, PA

With advanced degrees becoming a necessity for even low skill jobs, affordable college educations should be available to everyone regardless of tax bracket.

Encouraging students to graduate with thousands of dollars of debt is not a sustainable way to build a thriving society and culture.

India has made great progress in using online and affordable education to help their citizens rise above disadvantages.

Not every system in a capitalist society benefits from being a money making enterprise.

MOOCs are the future and need to be able to gain accreditation and be affordable.


I am 60 yr old CPA. Lost my job, during "consolidation era". Spent my life savings because of difficulty of reemployment, to purchase accounting firm. Have worked to the detriment of my health and well being. I hate what I do, and it has left me with no time for my family. I have a passion to learn. Would like to learn enough about tech to be employed until retirement and after pt. The only way is through MOOC.

Gordon Rogers ATLANTA, GA

Accreditation would allow the promise of MOOCs to be fulfilled.


Because I'm a frustrated 30 something career adult due to the lack of financial means for my family to pay for collge.I'm in 15,000 debt and still was not able to afford finishing collge or study the career I wanted,because it was not available online or evening school.As I had have work a regular job daytime,barely making it bye in the marketing administrative,promotions business,at times have been in unemployment and food assistance.(Architecture).Every young adult should have an alternative means to learning and a career if they can not afford to pay for tuition.Education should not be restricted or denied to the unprivileged!

Mary Margaret White-Levilain SAINT CLOUD, MN

My higher education has not even paid for itself, for many, it never will. The cost of education through only one method, (brick and mortar with limited class space) is not sustainable and limits access to the financially privileged. Furthermore, we live in a time when we need to continue to learn in order to keep up with our field and remain effective and employable in our work. MOOCS will expand our wealth and ability to make a difference in the world.

Jennifer Sloan PENSACOLA, FL

Having a nationally accredited would mean that the education earned in MOOCs would have the same weight as a regular college course. Many of the MOOCs on the internet have the same course load and information so it should be weighed the same to employers and the public in general.

DeAnna Crocker PHELAN, CA

This important to me because there are so many talented people that simply could not afford post-secondary education. with this technology, as a Nation we can get back into the game.

Juana saavedra SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ

It important to me and thousand of students that need education to be affordable or free because being in debt is not good for students trying to finish an education to make this country with a better workforce.

Brian Heauser SANTA ROSA, CA

This is important to me because I currently attend college and most of the skills I gain today are not from my classes at the college but rather the free online classes I take in my spare time. I currently do not receive credit for these online classes although it is the type of knowledge I must have for employability. The main reason I study online is due to the limited availability of relevant classes on campus as well as the high cost of books and tuition. I am studying computer science although the classes I have available on campus do not teach any of the current or emerging technologies which are readily available for free online and usually much higher quality due to the wider range of teaching styles available to choose from. Not all people learn in the same way, so online classes allows me to find a course that I can comprehend. It also allows for me to do the work on my own schedule. There is very little downside other than the lack of accreditation from the educational community.

Steve Humphries HAINES CITY, FL

Having access to MOOCs is of a great interest to me. I have a formal Bachelor's degree and am grateful for it. However, it was very expensive. I like the idea of having online education for free and that it is accredited and recognized. I am in the field of learning & development and am constantly learning. I also like to be able to give resources for those individuals that are struggling financially and would rather not go into heaps of debt .


Everyone should be entitled to a free education. It is beneficial to everyone.


Every human being should have equal and free opportunity to get an education at all levels.

Tracey Rollison INDIANAPOLIS, IN

The quality of government education in this country keeps declining no matter how much money we throw at it. This and nearly a decade of the bad economy has created a situation in which the children of the wealthy have no trouble being educated; the middle class kids (the few who are left) have to borrow exorbitant amounts of money and the poor have few options.

Patricia Wood TUCSON, AZ

I am in k-12 secondary administration. It is critical for teacher professional development and gives our high school students access to post secondary coursework to facilitate transition, dual credit, and exploring careers prior to college.

Anonymer Lebenslauf KöLN, GERMANY

Free education should be a human right.

Isuru Walpola COLOMBO, INDIA

Free education is a right for the modern human, and a boon for sustainable development. Education opens doors and creates change fast. That's why MOOCs are important.

Nolubabalo Ndevu

Education should be made available to all those that desire it, without financial limitation.

Joshua Jordan ALTOONA, IA

This is important because it addresses directly the outrageous cost of a traditional University education necessary for obtaining recognition of one's educational development yet the resources for one's educational development are readily available but secures no recognition that employers, governing bodies, etc., require as the approval stamp for maintaining/advancing one's livelihood through such education. This is already being addressed and innovations in education (recognition thereof) are being made in countries that are our global competition - one example: the UK and RIBA; why does the US have no desire to invest in skilled labor? It can be done and it can be done in a free market economy.


In middle age with disabling health issues, having raised a child after his father, my husband passed suddenly, I've had to step out of two professions, don't want to live on disability indefinitely, now I have a huge gap in my resume and a health history that is terrifying for many other people. My son had a full ride but, became ill his first year of college and finished with GPA 3 points to low to keep. In his 20s now, he'd like to finish his education but, must work to support himself. The Lord will provide a way for us. Thank you for caring and doing something. The Lord bless you and your household.

Wanda Gordon

Higher education is extremely high and this is a great opportunity for those who cannot afford the cost it takes to get the career they want.


I have seen too many people that want to better themselves and just don't have the least bit of money at all to start. A lot of opportunities pass us by because we do not have the economics to simply open the door and walk in. Many young people who would like to change their circumstances and are very smart simply cannot break the barriers.

Alexander Turenko AUSTRALIA

I look after a disabled family member which means I can not work so have to survive on a very low income which means opportunities such as education is out of my reach.



Tina Levang FORT WORTH, TX

Equal access to higher education can only build better communities.


It's the right thing to do.

MOOC Petition:

FREE Online College Access

for ALL thru a

"USA Nationally ACCREDITED Free MOOCs-based University

Degree OPTION"

1. ​​HELP low & middle income families, underserved student populations, our military & their families, our unemployed, and many more of US To HELP OURSELVES by providing us with Access to a FREE COLLEGE Education thru the creation of an online  American Nationally Accredited MOOCs University that is agnostic of MOOC Platform/University. 

2. If you can afford a full time campus-based University Education, Great - Do it! But if you are like many of us that cannot - then a Free Nationally Accredited MOOCs University is anOption that can and must be available TODAY.

3. Cost of a College Education has become prohibitive for most of Americans, and insurmountable Student Loan Debt is financially paralyzing our students, their families and our economic recovery.  U.S. Student Loan Debt is now $1.2+ Trillion and growing. A Free MOOCs University is NOW possible; it is leveraging existing MOOC resources at minimal incremental cost; it is self-sustainable and most importantly - It can have a Massive positive impact on this national emergency.

4. MOOCs are FREE Massive Open Online Courses offered by the world's leading Universities, and they are usually the SAME courses taught on campus. MOOCs are growing at an explosive rate worldwide. Total Number of MOOCs worldwide grew 327% in ONLY 1 Year, June 2013 - June 2014.  Many already offer optional MOOC "Verified" Certificates, and/or Assessment Tests that present the initial building blocks for accredited online Certificates, Associates, and Bachelors degrees.

5. SIMPLE Initial Approach: Group "Existing/Upcoming" MOOCs into Academic Pathways by Subject Area (ie, Science, Programming, Design, IT, Humanities, Health, Vocational, etc) that can lead to MOOCs University Certificates, Associate or Bachelor Degrees. Enable students to verifiy their MOOC work thru optional Verified MOOCs or MOOC-specific Online Assessment Tests. That's it. It's a start that we can build on and improve, but this option is feasible and needs to be available Today.

6. MOOCs are NOT for Everyone, but they are for MANY. Let INDIVIDUALS decide for themselves if a FREE online American Nationally Accredited MOOCs University is for them, their families, and their current/potential employers.

7. America needs to take the GLOBAL LEADERSHIP ROLE role in leveraging the new existing delivery technologies and exploding growing number of Free high quality MOOCs to"Free" College Access for All. France, India, Jordan, China, Trinidad/Tobago and Other countries have launched or will be launching their own MOOC Country initiatives. 

8. The Time for America's Free MOOCs-based University OPTION for ALL is Now.

Online MOOC petition for an accredited free MOOCs-based University for all